Here’s what clients and recruiters say about my work:

I have already passed on your name to some other people... One of them (an old friend) wrote back "I read your resume and all I can say is - Wow!"

- C-level Hedge Fund Executive

Just thought I'd pass along some kudos on the resume…you should know that it's getting great feedback. This string below is someone from the leadership team at [a well-known advertising agency in] NYC and from a social media firm - both discerning individuals of marketing resumes, for sure.“


Excerpts from the string:

- Your resume is unbelievable – your experience and the amazing use of multi-media!!
- She agrees with me that your resume is the most amazing one we have ever seen.”

- Marketing Communications Manager

They all look fantastic! Thank you so much… my wife is considering a change and may use you now!... You're the best!”

- Managing Director, Financial Services

Monday I went onto CareerBuilder and Monster and uploaded resume... applied to about 25 postings… this is no joke, within a couple of hours a staffing company called… she loved my resume....she is sending me on an interview tomorrow... Then later on Tues [I was called by] an oil co… they loved the resume also… they said they received a stack of resumes and mine stood out from the rest… while in interview with them a logistics company left me a message... interviewing with them Tuesday. Numerous insurance companies have emailed and called. I have no interest in getting into that field at all, so I pass on them.

I feel like I'm on FIRE!!!! Sizzle sizzle!! I will keep you in the loop… and "thanks again" for all you did to assist me in this adventure…”

- Administrative Assistant


Attached to a vase of flowers:

Never have I seen such an extraordinary example of a resume. I believe it is life changing…”

- Realtor, New Home Sales


Introduction from a client to a recruiter who had asked the client for my contact information:

Sheila is the creative genius behind my CV. She is just super at focusing content and obviously design. I could not have had a better experience with her.”

- Senior Derivatives Trader, Financial Services

I wanted to share with you the announcement of my new [C-level] position with [a hedge fund based in Southern California]. I will
give you my new contact info shortly, but you can always reach me on my cell… I believe your assistance and advice on my resume helped greatly!!”

- C-level Hedge Fund Executive

This has been such a hard process for me for whatever psychological reasons. You are WELL WORTH every penny! I will be sure to give your name to anyone looking for resume help. It's such a nice feeling to be proud of your resume and to know it accurately reflects you. I just sent [another financial services client] a thank you email for introducing us…


I caught up with a recruiter friend of mine… and bragged how much I liked my resume. She guessed your name when she asked who wrote it.”

- Director, Financial Services, Investment and Advisory Firm

I just attended a large industry function in which I had opportunity to meet with a couple of serious suitors. I can’t put to words how well my resume was received. You did a smashing job. Thought you might like to hear. ;-)”

- Business Development Manager, Financial Services wow! That looks great! What an awesome job, Sheila! I could not have put something like this together.


I had breakfast this morning with [a director at a university's Center for Leadership]. She loved my resume! I told her all about you, and she's requested your contact info, which I've forwarded to her. Kudos to you!!!”

- VP of Human Resources

Thank you! I really enjoyed working with you and loved what you did for my résumé! I will let you know what happens on both the job front and school. Thank you for making me feel really confident about moving forward in both!”

- Operations Executive (transitioning back to grad school)

I have received nothing but good feedback on the resume you put together for me.”

- Conversion Optimization Expert (web design)

[Sorry that I took some time to get back to you] I must have been so excited to get my new and improved resume into circulation. I'm really very happy with the final product, so thank you. I received a verbal offer this morning… so it looks very likely I'll be going back there as early as next week- fingers crossed.


So I know the best compliment for you is to refer a friend which I'll gladly do when the opportunity is present.
I look forward to staying in touch from time to time.”

- Director of Business Development, Financial Services

More [referrals] on the way. You are the resumator.”

- Recruiter, specializing in design/advertising

Thank you so much. This has been a great journey for me, and you've really helped me align my skill set. I am eternally grateful.”

- Mobile Product Manager

I can't thank you enough! I finally have a resume that showcases my experience and that I am proud of.”

- Trader, Financial Services

I have been working at my job for two months now and I LOVE IT!!! I still can't thank you enough... I tell all my friends that if it wasn't for your exceptional resume I would never even been called for an interview!! Thanks again!!!!”

- Development Director (non-profit)

I could NEVER have organized my information like this. I am very impressed!! THANK YOU!”

- Teacher/Educational Programs Coordinator

Just wanted to let you know I recently accepted a 6-month contract job... I couldn't have done it without you. Some friends of mine may be calling you for a resume makeover.”

- Audio Producer

Wanted to let you know that I'll be starting at [a new position] next week… Thanks again for all your help. patience and support - it helped me to focus!”

- Entrepreneur transitioning into healthcare services

The resume looks great! Thanks for your patience with this project... we really appreciate it!”

- Manufacturing Plant Manager

I was offered the Fixed Income Trading position at [a large buy-side firm] and I could not be happier! I want to thank you for all your assistance with my resume. I received compliments from two hiring managers regarding my resume and I couldn't be more appreciative of your help.”

- Intern, Financial Services

Thank you Sheila, Resumes look great! I appreciate the dedication and skill you applied to them! I think you captured the true me on paper… Thanks again!”

- Maintenance Technician

It looks beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything I greatly appreciate it! Can't wait to send my resume to people, it looks absolutely amazing!… Thank you so much!”

- Administrative Assistant

Happy beyond words! Thanks again!”

- Operations Manager, Financial Services

I wanted to say thank you for all of your help on my resume. I have started to put it out in the wild and am having a great time scheduling all of the interviews. I wouldn't have been able to do this without your help. Again, thank you very much.”

- Network Engineer

Sheila, I knew my résumé rocked, but I just wanted to tell you that I sent it to two recruiters yesterday, and both of them said it was one of the best they’d ever seen. Thank you!”

- Managing Director, Financial services

Sheila, you did a fabulous job of focusing on my talents and relevant experiences, eliminating the ‘problem’ of my family-focused career choices along the way. My old résumé and cover letters weren’t getting me anywhere, but in a matter of a few weeks, I am getting calls for interviews! Thank you!”

- Spanish Copywriter

[Sheila] was incredibly professional, creative and thorough in her approach and structured my résumé in a way that truly reflected my career and accomplishments… I never would have created a résumé of this caliber without Sheila's insight and feedback.”

- Managing Director, Financial Services

Thank you, Sheila. [My daughter] has shared the resume with me and I am very pleased with the results. The resume is professional, highlights her strengths and career goals and has a style that she feels represents her well. She also enjoyed working with you and was very comfortable discussing changes… I will definitely recommend you to anyone I hear in need of resume services.”

- Mother of soon-to-be college graduate

Thank you so much for working with me. It can be a stressful process and you made it so easy.”

- Managing Director, Financial Services