Does your résumé help you stand out from others?

Here are two versions of my own résumé.

One presents me as a résumé writer, with potential clients as the intended audience; the other presents me as a candidate for a business management role in financial services (my previous position). I chose to create and post these for several reasons: to show examples of my work, to provide you with more background about me, and to illustrate the importance of having a targeted résumé.

Note the deliberate style and content differences of the two résumés:

Résumé Writer:
This document promotes me as a résumé writer by highlighting client satisfaction, creative ability, and breadth of professional experience. It, therefore, includes quotes from clients, takes some design liberties in terms of color and font, and highlights my familiarity with a broad range of employment roles.

Business Manager:
This one, on the other hand, is more conservatively designed and emphasizes my managerial skills. I listed some critical areas of understanding in the summary, mentioned my most relevant experience before other work history, and quantified some accomplishments that make me a desirable candidate for this position.