It’s all about collaboration. When we work together, it comes together.

This is how the process generally works:

Getting started - It’s usually easiest if you start by sending me a copy of your current résumé. If you don’t already have one, we can discuss the important details instead.

Review - Next, we talk about your career goals and the ways in which I could help you to make your résumé more effective. I answer your questions and discuss accompanying materials that could aid in the preparation process. At this time, I also provide you with a price quote.

Administration - If you choose to work with me, I send you a Letter of Agreement, which you return by email. I begin to work on your new résumé after receiving your Agreement and payment.

Learning about you - I meet with you in person or by phone to learn more about you and prepare a writing strategy. This conversation involves a more in-depth discussion of your qualifications and accomplishments and typically takes between one and two hours.

Writing and editing - I then prepare a draft of your résumé and email it to you. After you’ve reviewed it, we discuss revisions. I understand that it’s a very personal document, and I want you to be excited about it, so we go through as many iterations as needed to get it just right.

Completing the process - After you give me a green light, I send it to a proofreader for review and then email the final document to you in MS Word and PDF formats.

From start to finish, the process typically takes about seven business days.